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Strategy & Analysis


E-learning & E-reference

Specifics of redesign to speed software training development/updates – cut resource needs by half, even with Agile frequency increases.

This was a Cisco-wide presentation.

Analysis of which training development tool – Captivate, Articulate Studio, Storyline – would meet Cisco's specific needs best for the next major product phase.

Corporate security e-learning for this data storage/security company had to really work. An engaging, story-based approach delivered key content in a meaningful way.

Course reviews were off the charts.

Highly praised combined e-learning and e-reference that leveraged existing PowerPoint content using Articulate Studio.

Designed for fast updates to align with Agile software development.

A short collection of job aids created for various clients.


A more expensive training need can often be reduced or eliminated with practical tools like job aids, good on-screen explanations/help, or simply redesigning a process that is unnecessarily complicated. 

Job Aids

<< These open directly into the e-learning >>

Custom task analysis for General Manager role at Ghirardelli Chocolate, to determine most needed tasks to train, with largest skill gaps; used to design GM training program. 

Overview of the Strategic Leadership Pathway (SLP) with the goals and expectations for each role. A leadership development program designed and created by me and my team.

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